Nutraceutical Merchant Account

Pay361 offers merchant account solutions for Nutraceutical merchants in the high risk merchant business sector by offering either direct merchant accounts or e-wallet solutions including alternative payments methods such as online bank transfers solutions in Europe, Asia or offshore.

  • Dietary Supplements
  • Function Foods
  • Herbs & Botanicals
  • Nutritional Beverages

  • Skin Care Products
  • Vitamins & Minerals

ImGlobal understands your needs in a card-not-present environment and we advise on all the aspects required to run a successful online business by reducing fraud, increasing your approvals and offering you the lowest rates.

Learn about our products and services for Nutraceutical Merchants:

eCommerce Merchant Account

By establishing a merchant account with Pay361 and one its acquiring banks, your customers can accept Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, MasterCard and Mastercard Debit with full multi-currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD & JPY.

Payment Gateway

Our online payment gateway offers you the ability to transact via the internet, telephone, email, fax, mail order and in person. Our Virtual Terminal is offered free of charge for those with proper processing history.

Fraud Protection – Risk Management

As fraud is on the rise, Pay361 is here to protect your payments from fraud and has adopted all the latest technologies such as AVS, 3D Secure, CVV2/CVC2, etc

Shopping Carts

Pay361 offers you vast of shopping cart integration such as Magento, PrestaShop, 3D Cart, etc.

Online Bank Transfers

Accept wires as a local payment method without the risk of chargebacks or fraud including deposits and withdrawal methods.


Please get in touch with us to learn more about our Nutraceutical Merchant account solutions.