While online shoppers are usually satisfied, there is a need to enhance their experience during checkout. One of the effective ways to enhance customer service during checkout is using a one page checkout. If your business is not doing so, then you might be losing customers. Maximize this concept and you will realize its immense benefits.

Many people have been victims of a horrible or very bad online checkout experience. That is why you need to create a website that provides a smooth, efficient checkout experience. This ensures that customers complete their purchases. They have been many cases where consumers abandon shopping carts, a problem that every eCommerce business faces.

One Page Checkout

When it comes to creating a seamless, effective one page checkout, it all boils down to simplicity. The more annoyances and barriers you place in front of a potential online customer, the less likely he or she will complete a purchase.

If your site is not currently using a one page checkout process for your customers and prospects, then you are losing a lot of opportunities to make profits. Customers always want to find the shortest line when looking to checkout.

If you have a complex checkout process that requires customers to complete information on several pages, then potential customers are probably going to abandon the shopping cart to find the shortest line. Here is how a one page checkout features can help online merchants increase their sales:


Speed is very important when it comes to checkout process. The single checkout page ought to be fast. Customers simply add their credit card information and fill their personal information and then they are done. This sounds extremely fast and easy. It is also the reason why most people shop online. When you reduce the number of steps needed for customers to complete their transactions, you ensure the customers will come back in the future. Ideally, a single page checkout should be completed in less than a minute.


Most single page shopping carts are capable of saving lots of information from addresses to credit cards. This is important as it will make the next checkout much faster than the previous one. You should make sure that you are PCI Compliant in order to retain credit card information. You should never store the CVV numbers. It is just the first checkout that takes a lot of time. The next time a customer is checking out, most of their information is auto filled. All they have to do is click and submit.

More Conversion

Many online businesses are finding their conversion rates skyrocketing considerably, thanks to a one page checkout. It is quite surprising to many online merchants, but a two or three-page checkout annoys customers that they give up before completing the transaction. In fact, the key reason to have a site is to make sales. So this is something important to consider. Making the checkout process to be easy and fast will ensure customers actually purchase the items in their shopping carts.

The Disadvantages of using one Page Checkout

While there is no reason to use multiple-page checkout, there are a few downsides to using a single page checkout. Unlike a single page checkout, multiple-page checkout lets customers review the company’s policy and security information before submitting. This can help increase customer satisfaction and reduce anxiety, particularly to those unfamiliar with online shopping. However, online businesses can secure their one-page checkout with SSL, 3D Secure, CVV2, and AVS checks.


Overall, it is worth switching to one-page checkout if you really want to help users reach the end of the conversion process as seamless as possible. This way, you not only increase your conversion rate, but also leave them feeling fulfilled. Make your page intuitive and simple and give it that sense of control and trust.