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ImGlobal Payments offers alternative payment options that allows online shoppers to pay using their online bank instantly and globally. And because it’s a push-payment there is no fraud.

Pay with your bank. Zero Fraud

ImGlobal Payments offers a number of exciting benefits from increasing your sales to eliminating the risk of credit card fraud.

  • Increase Profits by allowing shoppers to pay using their online bank, you can now sell to customers that are therwise unable or unwilling to pay today.
  • Increase Market Size by offering your customers our payment option you increase your market share to not only redit and debit card owners, but also online bank users from all over the world.
  • No Risk there is no risk of credit card fraud or any kind of chargebacks. This means that when you get paid you stay paid! With us you can even sell to customers from ‘high risk’ regions including all parts of Asia and Eastern Europe.

Key benefits for this solution:

  • Full E-Wallet Management
  • Sell to the whole world without risk
  • Sell high ticket price items without risking chargebacks
  • Reach customers who have no credit card
  • Easy to implement
  • Low transaction fee
  • Instant domestic transfers in the countries where we are represented (in cases where a customer does not hold a bank account with one of our banks, up to 24 hour)
  • International transfers
  • Local language support
  • Local currency support
  • No chargebacks (no credit cards involved)
  • No gathering of sensitive personal information from the customer
  • Get started right away with zero integration
  • White label solution an option

Please get in touch with us to learn more about our online bank transfer solution.