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High Risk Merchant Account

ImGlobal Payments offers a wide range of solutions for ‘high risk’ merchants. If your business status or industry is considered high risk we can tailor-fit our merchant services and payment gateway solutions to best suit your needs with full multi-currency processing.

High Risk Merchant Account, ImGlobal Payments

There are many reasons merchant providers would consider your account as high risk. An increasing rate of chargebacks and bad credit history are two of the most common. If your startup business has never had a merchant account, merchant providers will think twice before offering you an account. Your company will also be deemed high risk if it has been rejected by other merchant providers. Your business is basically classed as high risk if its history of activities negatively affects its current standing.

Key benefits for this solution:

  • All Major Credit Card Acceptance
  • Reliable Payment Gateway for secure transactions
  • Multiple Settlement & Processing currencies available
  • Risk management tools such as 3D Secure, Velocity, monitoring, etc
  • Highly Competitive Rates for your specific high risk industry
  • High Volume Merchant Account Facility
  • International Merchants

Our company caters to the special needs of high risk businesses by offering you specialized system features that will make your transactions secure. Risk Management is the key to your success as a high risk merchant by giving you the tools to help your businesses minimize chargebacks, reducing fraud by monitor transactions closely, and measure performance accurately.

ImGlobal Payments will provide you the solutions you need in spite of your high risk business standing. Our company is committed to your success and we can help you ensure fast turnarounds, increased profitability, and improved processing performance.

Get in touch with us now so we can discuss the different merchant services available for your online business.